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We have been keeping very nice relationship with the agents of airports and airlines, so we can master the timely information of landed flights and imported cargos, so as to tell the aforesaid cargo information to our customers in the first time. We can transact the forwarding agent business and all procedures for imported cargos after arrived (allude to import) according to customer's consignment. We also can transact the "License for Electromechanical Cargo" and "3C Certificate" etc..
Our customs declaration and inspection declaration teams are consisted by skilled staff with rich experience on customs declaration & inspection declaration, so they can achieve high efficiency on customs clearance based on their very wonderful relationship with customs and commodity inspection department.
We have Customs Supervised Warehouse in the airport, which can reduce or relieve partial of storage fee for imported cargo in large tonnage, or the customers who concluded long-term import agreement with our company.

By dint of our perfect worldwide agent network, we can pick up the cargo from the overseas manufactories, make customs declaration, and then arrange it to Shanghai directly.

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